Agriculture and spray drones are a great way to start a business that is easy to set up and instantly profitable.


There are different jobs a drone can do that is in demand meaning you can set up your contracting business in a fast growing market.


Find out the advantages of drones and how you can start your drone business with Aerolab below:

How does Launchpad stack up?

Year 1 Year 2 Launchpad
24 Months
Initial Cost 66000 - 33000
Drone Cert 825 825 Included
Pilot Cert 1650 589 Included
OCA 650 650 Included
To Fly Under Our 102 3500 3500 Included
Exposition Creation 5000 850 Included
OneReg 3000 3000 Included
Drone Annual Service 4500 4500 Included
Drone Training 1500 - Included
Chemical Cert 4500 800 Included
Chemical Cert Practical 850 850 Included
Drone Rental While Serviced 4000 4000 Included
EOY Cost 24mnth lease @$3300 month - - 79200
Total 24Mth Cost - 110689 112200

Equipment included

Item QTY
P100 pro agricultural drone 1
Hydraulic spray system 1
Revocast p3 spreader unit 1
Agricultural remote controller3 arc3 1
SuperCharger Generator 2
P-series smart battery 6
Battery cooling tank 2
Cm12500p wall charger 1

Next steps

  1. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. We're happy to clarify any points and there may be some items that we can sort out together. We're committed to finding the best way to work together.
  2. Then let us know you would like to start the process of applying for the Launchpad lease by signing in the box that pops up to confirm. We will then start the process of checking your eligibility. Please note that signing this document does not commit either Aerolab or yourselves to entering into any business relationship or leasing arrangement.
  3. Once we receive notification of your acceptance, we'll contact you to sort out the next steps and get the project rolling
  4. The first step will be a meeting in order to discuss the details of the lease
  5. We will draft up a lease agreement and run you through the details until you are happy you have understood the terms. It's really important to us that everything is transparent and understood from the beginning so that we lay a solid foundation for a great working relationship.
  6. If you'd like to speak to us by phone, don't hesitate to call

       Note: all prices exclude GST


Item/Service Description
Initial Cost Launchpad gives you a lower entry cost and allows the drone to pay for itself sooner.
Drone Cert CAA requires your drone to be certified by an approved organisation.
Pilot Cert Before you can fly a big drone, you need an RPAS cert for a smaller drone.
OCA (Operational Competency Assessment) In order to fly a drone over 25kg, you need to be assessed for your competency of the drone, regulations, and exposition.
Fly Under Our 102 Drones over 25kg are covered by CAA Part 102, which requires you to document how you will operate your drone safely. This document is called an exposition and will need to be approved by CAA.
OneReg OneReg is UAV Compliance Management Software that helps manage the operations and compliance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), with a specific focus on UAV operators in the agricultural sector. It enables real-time compliance as laid out in Part 102 of the Civil Aviation Rules, including writing and managing certification documentation, live tracking of approvals, and tracking changes in documentation and their effects.
Drone Annual Service Drones approved to fly under the exposition will need to be serviced every year to ensure safety and avoid mishaps.
Drone Training In order to be ready to pass your OCA, you will need to have a day of training on the bigger drones.
Chemical Certification Applying chemicals using a drone requires certification in the handling, storage, and application of chemicals.
Chemical Certification Competency You will need to show your competency with chemical handling and application.
Drone Rental While Serviced You do not want to be without a drone while it is being serviced.