Our Team


Craig Simpson

Craig Simpson, a skilled entrepreneur, excels in merging technology with societal benefits. He founded Aerolab and GridFree, focusing on agricultural drones and sustainable solar energy, respectively. With experience in leadership roles at companies like Spark and Fronde, Craig is known for his ethical leadership and emphasis on team well-being.


Simon Conroy

Simon spent his corporate career running IT and Analytics functions for some of NZ’s largest organisation including Spark, Air New Zealand and Flight Centre. He then transitioned into freelance consulting before founding Data agency Decisive and Innovation consultancy Joots. For the past three years Simon has deployed his technical skills as a Director of Aerolab, spearheading the Agricultural analytics programmes of work.


Peter Conroy

Peter is an experienced executive leader with a strong background in commercial strategy, insurance, sales, risk management, and compliance, particularly in settings undergoing significant change. Peter’s deep corporate experience is now being leveraged to provide compliance and risk management frameworks for the agricultural drone sector.


Aerolab's vision is to improve the performance of New Zealand's primary industries through the use of automation and technology


Aerolab is a leader in the field

Aerolab is revolutionising the agriculture, and silviculture
industries in New Zealand.

Leveraging on over 8 decades of combined agritech, remote
sensing and analytics experience, Aerolab looks at making workspaces more efficient,
safer, and smarter.

We are proud to be a part of the global XAG dealer network, and New Zealand's only

'XAG Gold Supplier'