Aerolab Runway: Professional services to get you flying.

The guys at Aerolab know how confusing it can be to set up a commercial drone business because we have gone through it ourselves.

Aerolab's five step process, combined with our professional help along the way, is the fastest route to get you flying, and be successful with a commercial drone business.


1. Learning the Basics

Adoption of drones in the agricultural sector is growing day-by-day in New Zealand.

There are a few things to consider when setting up a drone business, or integrating drones into your existing operation.

It is important to understand how exactly you want to use the drone, as different drones will suit different businesses.

A good starting point is our blog posts, where we crunch the numbers from our experience setting up an operation. We also break down the different types of commercial drones available.


2. Placing an Order

Once you've decided on how you will use a drone, and established that the numbers stack up, it's time to talk to a us and begin your commercial drone journey.

The Aerolab Take-off Zone service includes

- acquiring your new equipment.

- training you in its operation.

- helping you through the certification process.

Orders typically take 3 months to process, which is the perfect amount of time to you get trained and qualified.


3. Becoming a Drone Operator

Aerolab provides you with training and certification pathways with our Drone School.

If you want to operate a drone over 25kg, (all XAG drones) or want to conduct aerial spraying, you are required to to hold Organizational CAA Part 102 certificate.

Getting a Part 102 will likely be your longest step in your journey, and we understand the confusion around the certification processes with CAA.

Aerolab will guide you through the process and also offer you a way to get flying before your exposition is approved.

Approval can take 18 months

Aerolab Take-off Zone will ensure you get flying faster than anyone else.


4. Start Operating

Once you and your drone are certified, we book a delivery date.

We deliver the drone, and spend as much time as needed covering all aspects of operating the equipment safely.

We want our customers to succeed, and so the final stage of onboarding is a supervised session where we oversee the operation of the drone in a real-life spraying setting. This allows you to get familiar with using the equipment with the help of one of our experienced operators.

No matter what you are doing, whether surveying, spraying or spreading, we will help you understand your equipment and learn how to complete a job.


5. Ongoing Service and Support

Once you're up and running, we will be in the background providing support for your business.

We will help with advice, product updates and further training. We service all the products we sell and know the drones better than anyone else, so we can help with any repairs and servicing that is needed.

Our newsletter, videos, and information packs will ensure you stay up to date with the drone industry and know what's happening in this space.


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