Want to know more about your operation and harness the latest in agriculture automation? Aerolab's professional services can help you take the first step to gain greater understand for your land and crops and provide you an automated approach to otherwise difficult tasks.
Farm_mapping Farm_mapping

Farm Mapping and Precision Surveying

Want to know more about your operation and find new ways to look at what's happening? Aerolab can help you Capture high-resolution RGB or multispectral images to generate detailed base terrain models and maps, identify landmarks and analyse crop growth stages and stress levels.


Maintenance and Workshop

Aerolab employs certified engineers and technicians for all maintenance and servicing required for operating autonomous drones and smart machinery. We carry all parts locally for the equipment we sell and also provide onsite services when required. Aerolab also offers custom modification through our workshop.

Training and Certification

Aerolab provide agricultural specific training for drones and smart equipment. We provide turn key services which allow you to fly your agriculture drone as soon as you receive it. We have also partnered up with reputable organisations to provide CAA Part 102 specific training and certifications.


Insurance and After-sales support

Aerolab provides insurance for your equipment through our range of insurance partners dedicated to insuring commercial drones and commercial drone businesses. Aerolab also provides after-sales support to ensure your business runs smoothly.


Agricultural Analytics

Leveraging our long-standing expertise in data management and analytics we can develop solutions to optimise your operations and reduce your compliance overhead


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