Agriculture and spray drones are a great way to start a business that is easy to set up and instantly profitable.

There are different jobs a drone can do that is in demand meaning you can set up your contracting business in a fast growing market.

Find out the advantages of drones and how you can start your drone business with Aerolab below:

Why is starting a drone business popular?

Easy to Start

With and Aerolab drone package, starting your own drone business had never been easier. Our included professional services means you can get spraying and flying faster than anyone else, and expand your operation as you grow.

Variety of Work to Target

An ag drone is versatile, meaning you can target different jobs like spreading fertiliser one day, and cleaning roods the next - opening you up to many profitable jobs with just one set of equipment.

Do Jobs that Others Can't

Drones can access more places than most traditional equipment. They are not limited by terrain or H&s an can spray over inaccessible ground. You can complete time critical jobs before others can even gain access.


An Ag Drone allows you to fill in many gaps in the contracting sector. With fewer logistics around considerations like access or health and safety, a drone lets you be the first to get a job done and done right.

Aerolab will make starting your spray drone journey clear and simple.

Aerolab offers a step by step concierge service guiding you from before placing an order all the way to supporting you once you are set up. Our included services with your purchase ensures you get flying faster than anyone else.

1. Learn and Research

Aerolab offers the best practical knowledge on spray drones in the country. We will help you identify where a drone will best fit in your business and also help you understand and decide what you need to get started.

2. Place an Order

Once you are ready, Aerolab will place your drone order based around your requirements from our manufacturer, where your order will be built and shipped. Aerolab will test, certify, and set up your drone so it's ready to go on delivery.

3. Get Certified

While your drone is getting ready, Aerolab will help you obtain the right certifications and also guide you along your CAA Part 102 exposition. Dont worry about CAA delays - have our own exposition you can fly under until yours is ready.

4. Delivery and Training

Once you are certified and the drone is ready, we will come to you and give you training on our specific gear. Together, we will go through how to set up a job and operate your drone, so you are confident to get flying on the simple systems.

5. Ongoing Support

Along with helping you get up to speed after delivery, Aerolab are also certified distributors for all the drones we sell. We carry parts locally and have certified engineers and technicians to work on your drone. We will provide the after-sale service to keep your drone running.

What is the cost of starting a drone business and how much can it make?


Depending on the drone, a service includisve package starts from $45000. Most commercial customers will purchase a package between $80,000 to $110,000 that includes extra gear to keep for your drone. If you are starting off you will also need to have a means of transport, and general chemical handling gear.


While we don't dictate rates, current conservative hourly pricing for a single independent spray drone operator is around $350/hour + a fixed call out fee of around $350. COnsidering you are working 8 hours a day and get 100 days spraying in a year, your gross returns before expenses will be above $300,000.


You may want to start off your business with just a drone, ute, and basic water setup if you want to keep initial costs down. The great thing about a drone business is that it is easily scalable. As you grow and your jobs get larger and more profitable, you can easily expand your operational capacity in different ways, such as adding more gear or getting a dedicated drone trailer with mixing tanks and water storage.

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