The process involved in flying an agriculture drone or spray drone in New Zealand may look daunting at first, but it's straight forward once you know what to do.

Understanding the process around drones and how to use them in your commercial operation is crucial to being successful with them. Aerolab is here to help you every step of the day.

See the steps Aerolab provide you in your drone journey and also how a spray drone can help you make money.


Aerolab Step-by-Step Services

Find out the simple step by step process Aerolab has developed to get you flying in the shortest time possible.


Starting a Spray Drone Business

Agriculture drones are a great way to start a business that is easy to set up, and instantly profitable.


Drones for Agricultural Contractors

Spray drones are an easy and cost effective way to improve and expand on the existing services your business has to offer.


Drone for Farmers and Growers

Completing your tasks faster, cheaper and when you want, gives huge advantages in managing your operation, with less reliance on outside sources.


News and Blogs

Keep up with the latest news, and see how drones and their operators are changing your industry.